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Providing Value and Service to the Real Estate Market!
Win-Win Solutions for Home Sellers, Buyers and Private Investors!

We are Professional Home Buyers and Private Lenders with a “Long-Term, Buy & Hold Approach”…
Which allows us to offer our Sellers a FAST CASH SALE or TERMS which nets our home Sellers TOP DOLLAR, primarily by:

  • Cutting out all the Middleman Costs
  • Providing a long list of Money Saving Benefits
  • Eliminating Closing Fees
  • Offering a Quick and Hassle Free Sale

Unlike Flipper Investors…

  1. By strategically implementing our “Long Term Buy and Hold” House Buying Business Model and Know-How
  2. Being Fair and Honest (what we call “Strait-Talk”)

We have now found the way that we can locate and create a Win-Win Purchase Offer at a Fair, Profitable and Acceptable Price for both Us and Our Sellers.
Then we turn around and sell these homes for Fair Market Value by offering fantastic No-Bank-Qualifying Home Buying Programs to our future Buyers…
Great folks looking to buy a home without qualifying for a bank loan using our flexible purchase programs such as our Rent to Own and our No Qualifying Owner Financing, Down Payment Assistance, Work for Equity and many more.
So, we make a fair and honest profit and still give our House Sellers and Home Buyers a great deal on the Sale or Purchase of their home.

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Our Founder: Gabriel Contreras

Mostly…, I have nothing new to share which has not already been done, written or spoken by someone else, other than what knowledge I’ve found, accumulated and merged through my efforts while on my search for understanding in my pursuit of wisdom! – Gabriel Contreras

My name is Gabriel Contreras.

I’ve been involved in upwards of a couple hundred real estate transactions. In my early years (1996-1998) as a Real Estate Agent (Realtor) and thereafter as an investor with about 100+ investment purchases under my belt. I began studying Creative Real Estate Investing and quickly discovered that there is so much more opportunity outside the traditional and conventional methods of buying and selling real estate commonly used by real estate agents and brokers.

Over the years I’ve invested heavily in learning the ins and outs of this business of buying and selling houses through both ongoing education and as mentioned above “hands on experience.”

When it comes to getting access to the best of the best knowledge and specialized business tactics my belief is… get it from the proven professionals in the business, from those who have walked the walk and continue to be involved in the business. Access to these experts is available to all and I’m proud to disclose that I’ve received my training and education from some of the best trainers in the country.

During the past 19 years I’ve hired several mentors and coaches and I continue to learn, mastermind and even had the opportunity to teach and mentor. If you’ve been remotely searching or have been involved anywhere in the field of Real Estate Investing, even to the smallest degree, you would have for sure heard mention of at least one or more of my list of amazing mentors both in the Real Estate world as well as Business and Personal Development.

In The Spirit of Service!
I Will Make the Best Use of my God Given Abilities by Putting them to Work on Constructive, Productive and Righteous Dealings. This Provides my Family and Me with the Material Luxuries this World has to Offer and Still Realize the Ideal Mission of Creating Sufficient Wealth so that I may Share Unselfishly and Motivate Others with Less Fortune!
Gabriel Contreras

Corporate Venture Partner, REJVP President

Co-Owner: Gabriel Contreras Jr

 I grew up my entire life surrounded by real estate. It was truly an amazing discovery learning how to purchase and sell houses in a way that wins for every person involved. It is my true belief that anything we do in life should be for the better of ourselves and for the better of every single person we come into contact with.

I love being able to help homeowners sell their house (even those that thought they never could) in order to move forward in a more positive direction.

My biggest passions and loves in life are:

  • My Beautiful and Amazing Partner in Crime (Yes that’s her in the image)
  • My family
  • My friends
  • Traveling
  • Business & Marketing (I actually went to school and got a degree for this)
  • Reading, Learning, and Education Myself
  • and Self-Improvement

I have lived in California my entire life (and have visited almost half of the other states in the U.S.)  and have never once thought about leaving. I hope to help as many people as possible by using the talents and abilities I was graciously given in life.

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