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Unlike Flipper Investors… Our “Long-Term, Buy & Hold Approach” Allows Us To Offer Our Home Sellers Top Dollar...
We Can Pay Full Price For The Rentals We Buy!
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It’s time to eliminate your Headaches and Worries…

There is no question that owning a rental property comes with several downsides. You have to worry about:

  • Stress – When you own a rental property there is no doubt that you’ll find yourself in some stressful situations. You have other problems to worry about and dealing with the burdens that come with owning a rental only adds to your growing list of problems you must deal with.
  • Liabilities – Avoid sleepless nights worrying whether or not something might happen to your tenants that causes them to come after you, the property, and even worse… your family.
  • Property Taxes – If you did not know this already… you will definitely find out soon enough. Owning a rental means a very big expense every year. Property Taxes are no fun and this alone is a big reason so many rental owners sell to us.
  • Horrible Tenants – Finding good tenants is a big enough hassle on it’s own. No one wants to have to go through the hassle of dealing with unwanted tenants.
  • Vacancies – Vacancies is yet another HUGE expense that rental owners have to deal with. If you own a rental you will have at least one experience with your rental being vacant, and it is not a fun experience. You don’t want to have to go a month or longer not having that monthly payment coming in.

These are just a few of the many issues so many rental owners must deal with on a daily basis. Yes it’s true that owning rentals does have some benefits including extra income, but does dealing with all of these problems outweigh the benefit of a few extra hundred dollars a month?

Does it make more sense to just sell your rental and enjoy the profits?

What if you could eliminate every single one of those headaches and worries by simply selling your property… And not only selling, but selling it for top market value? This is exactly what we here at California Best Home Buyers help our sellers accomplish…

We are Professional Home Buyers with a “Long-Term, Buy & Hold Approach”…

Which allows us to offer our House Sellers a Fast Cash Sale or Terms which nets our House Sellers… Top Market Value, primarily by:

  • Cutting out all the Middleman Costs
  • Providing Money Saving Benefits
  • Eliminating Closing Fees
  • Offering a Quick & Hassle Free Sale

Unlike Flipper Investors…


By strategically implementing our “Long Term Buy and Hold” House Buying Business Model and Know-How.

Being Fair and Honest (what we call “Strait-Talk”) We have now found the way that we can locate properties and create a Win-Win Purchase Offer at a Profitable and Acceptable Price for both Us and our Sellers.

Don't Wait Any Longer

We buy houses in ANY CONDITION in California. There are no commissions or fees and no obligation whatsoever. Start below by giving us a bit of information about your property or call (661) 244-8270...
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